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Blocked Gutter Trench on Warehouse Roof

Gutter Cleaning...why should I bother?

Gutters have been in Britain since Roman times.  A lot of structural design elements have come and gone over the centuries, but walls, roofs, windows and gutters have stuck around!  That must mean they’re pretty important – yet so often they are overlooked as an essential area of maintenance for your building.  Originally made from wood lined with lead,  over the years they moved on to being made from all lead, cast iron, galvanised steel, concrete and uPVC.  

Their purpose is to channel rain water from your roof down to the underground drain system.  For them to operate as designed, they cannot be blocked.  Whatever the gutter is made of they can become blocked.  This means they are not able to perform their job and major issues can occur as a result.

Your gutters may overflow. This is one of the more standard side effects of a blocked gutter.  The tell-tale sight of water dripping over the edge of a gutter long after the rain has stopped.  It’s not just an inconvenience.  In fact, the resulting damp area below the overflow can cause moisture penetration across your façade causing damp internally.  It is also likely to be the cause of visually unseemly patches of mould and algae growth.  This will, in time, need addressing at substantial cost.     

Should there be any small cracks in brickwork or render below an overflow, these can be significantly worsened by the water freezing in cold weather.

When silt and debris are allowed to build up in a gutter or roof trench they provide a bed for growth of larger plants and grasses.  Seeds that drop into the gutter by way of bird muck can quickly turn into a mini garden in the gutter.  This will extenuate the blockage problem and cause overflows in several places thus causing various water ingress problems across an elevation.

Building insurance policies often stipulate that sufficient maintenance must be undertaken.  Regular clearing of the gutters will ensure that you have the evidence to show, should you need to make a claim due to an issue caused by the gutters.

You should use a reputable company, such as Adams & Hardcastle, to carry out gutter excavation work.  This way the appropriate cleaning method will be used in a safe manor and all works will be insured.  They will also be able to advise you about any defects in the guttering & if any repairs or coatings are recommended to maintain the gutters.


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