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Often overlooked in many business premises, the cleaning and excavation of guttering is one of the most important aspects of keeping your building free from long-term damage.

Clogged gutters are one of the main causes of basement water problems, damp issues and problems with foundation walls and need to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly.

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Gutters maintenance is frequently overlooked. In fact, gutters are a vital element of your building construction and act as a “roof plumbing system” to efficiently disperse water from your roof down to underground drains.  If any part of this gutter system becomes blocked – then then your gutters are not freely able to carry out their task and substantial problems can arise. 

One problem is overflowing water.  If you have a blockage at any stage of your gutter, water cannot flow and will build up behind the blockage until it pours over the top.  The resulting wet area of wall below the spill will often become a breeding ground for unsightly green and black algae which can stain your facade. It may also cause water ingress and therefor substantial knock on effects which could be very costly.  Where algae and moss is able to more easily grow on pathways below the overflowing gutter there will be a definite slip hazard for any employee or member of the public.

Any water that is penetrating the outside of the building may freeze during very cold weather causing cracks or other problems such as damaging render.

Another problem is the sheer weight of the blockages.  When silt and debris start to build up in an un-cleared gutter, it provides ideal condition for growth of weeds and grasses.  Bird muck often carries seeds and when it finds its way to gutters this can lead to substantial growth in turn leading to blockages.  If you can see any growth in your gutters – the chances are that there is a blockage.   The mass that builds up over time could be enough to cause guttering to come away from the wall and in extreme cases pull off the wall entirely.

It may be a clause in your building insurance that sufficient maintenance must be carried out.  Regular clearing of the gutters will ensure that you have the evidence to show that regular maintenance took place should you need to make a claim due to an issue caused by the gutters.

The experienced team at Adams & Hardcastle are well able to employ the necessary techniques to clear any blockage.  It is recommended that you decide on a regular maintenance schedule to ensure your gutters remain free flowing.  This will mean that you don’t run into potentially expensive problems in the future that could have been easily prevented.

Whether you have a modest office space or a substantial industrial unit Adams & Hardcastle will know the appropriate gutter clearing method and will provide all necessary risk assessments and method statements as well as carrying the work out in a timely fashion.  On budget and on time, your gutters will be left free flowing and safe.

We can also help with the some of the after effect of an overflowing gutter.  If your buildings wall have been stained or there is a build up of black or green algae on the walls of pathways, this can be removed with the application of a biocide .

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“Jules and the team were absolutely fantastic from scope through to completion. They were very informative at all stages of the project, helping to decide the best methodology of works based upon the building and maintained a high level of quality throughout. All Health & Safety documentation was comprehensive, the team on site arrived with the correct PPE and everyone presented themselves in a professional manner. We hope to be working with the team again.”
Alex Exley-Green
Property Developer working with Lloyds Bank
“Adams & Hardcastle Ltd have now carried out several successful projects for Ready Steady Store in various locations around the country. In each instance we have found them to be diligent in their communication, administration and service delivery. Adams & Hardcastle Ltd have now carried out several successful projects for Ready Steady Store in various locations around the country. In each instance we have found them to be diligent in their communication, administration and service delivery. I would not hesitate to recommend Adams & Hardcastle for working at height, large scale exterior cleaning and cladding coatings, which are the services that they have delivered for us. We will be using them as our contractor of choice across the estate from now on. ”
Graham Howard
Facilities Director, Ready Steady Store
“Adams & Hardcastle have recently taking on the cleaning of the chill store walls in the Yeo Valley finished goods chilled warehouses. They have conducted an efficient, quality service, with little disruption to our business and in a very safe manner. The standards in our warehouses are very important to Yeo Valley, as we store quality organic dairy products and we are proud of our recent BRC AA+ audit result. We hope that the relationship continues.”
Fred Jennings
Senior Operational Manager, Yeo Valley Family Farm
“From my perspective the cleaning work was a great success and the building almost looks like new again so we are very pleased with the outcome. The work itself was well managed and executed, and your staff were very helpful and considerate in working around our daily needs, in fact a lot of work was done over the weekend to avoid or reduce access issues. We would certainly recommend you to our other ports ”
Matthew Kennerley
Director, Associated British Ports (ABP) South Wales
“They were quick but very comprehensive in their quote and did everything they could to fit the job into their full schedule. The results were excellent and Jules and his team went over and above to achieve great results which we are extremely happy with.”
Iain Williams
Campus Leader, Edge Church International, Bristol
“Cardiff Council commissioned Adams and Hardcastle to clean the exterior render of Cardiff International White Water. All pre contract information was clear and concise and Jules was easy to work with and flexible on work as the centre is busy 7 days a week. During the works all health and safety requirements were met with minimal disruption. Post works Jules was again accommodating to ensure that works were completed to the correct standard. I would recommend Adams and Hardcastle for this work.”
Ben Longhurst
Senior Assistant Manager, Cardiff International White Water Rafting Centre
“Thank you for doing a great job, quickly and professionally.”
Helen Thompson
Property Manager
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